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Cancer and low body temperature are highly correlated, which has raised suspicions among many doctors. We don’t know whether low body temperature causes cancer, or whether it’s the other way around, but a lot of very smart people think low body temperature is a health concern in itself.

The immune system responds to many stresses. It’s job is not just to fight infection, but also to destroy cancerous or mutated cells. The response is complex and depends on many enzymes, and when the body temperature is low, these chemical reactions occur more slowly. A fever speeds these reactions and unleashes the full power of the immune system, but a chronic low body temperature is just the opposite. The immune system is in slow motion.

A high quality far infrared heating pad can be very effective at raising core body temperature, because of its long-wavelength light output (ideally, 10-12 micron). This kind of light can penetrate 6-8 inches into the body, warming it deeply and evenly throughout.

There is a fascinating article by Dr. David Jernigan about the relationship between cancer and chronic low body temperature. If his ideas are correct, then even a small increase in body temperature, say from 97 degrees to 99 degrees, could be very useful as part of an overall strategy. It helps the immune system do it’s job.

There may even be a direct pathway for FIR therapy to aid in the treatment of some cancers. Tumors are mostly undifferentiated tissue, and often do not have a very good network of capillaries running through them. So when they get hot, they cannot easily expel excess heat out towards the rest of the body. It has been shown that in some cases, elevated temperatures can damage tumors before damaging healthy tissue. This is known as the hyperthermia treatment strategy. And some clinics have actually used far infrared pads for this purpose, since it is non-invasive, and can deliver heat deeply into the body.  The method was originated in Japan by Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu.

The general protocol is to use a full-body size FIR pad under the patient, with a smaller FIR pad on top, to isolate the area. It is sometimes referred to as a “sandwich treatment”. Both mats should be set on the highest temperature, for 50 minutes to an hour per treatment. This could be done every day for maximum benefit, or even once in the morning and once in the evening. Dr. Yoshimizu’s fascinating book titled The 4th Treatment for Medical Refugees goes into more detail about their method, and the successes they had. We can send an electronic copy of this book to you upon request. The book was written with the sole intention of sharing the information, and Dr. Yoshimizu did not seek to make a profit.