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Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Far infrared therapy can raise core body temperature, which has important effects.  With a full body far infrared treatment, it is even possible to raise one’s temperature enough to constitute a mild artificial fever.  We know fever is a powerful, natural mechanism to fight infection, and so it’s not surprising that so many people with Lyme disease speak of great results with far infrared products.

High intensity infrared treatments can produce die-off of spirochaetes, and this can sometimes produce Herxheimer, or “detox” reactions.  But these reactions will diminish after a few sessions.  Still, it is good to start with a medium setting and work up. Some people are less tolerant of heat than others, and in some cases, it can be due to the fact they have more toxins to remove than others.

A full-body treatment is usually more appropriate, since the goal is whole-body in nature.  This can be achieved with a far infrared sauna, or a sufficiently large far infrared pad.  We have found great feedback on both strategies by searching Lyme disease forums and support groups.

The following links are very valuable discussion sites having to do with Lyme disease, and each has a search function to find relevant discussions about infrared therapy, the various devices that have been used, and the results that people have had.