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Stress & Fatigue

Stress & Fatigue

According to lots of testimonials, and at least one scientific study, the BioMat can alleviate chronic stress and chronic fatigue.

The pathway is hormonal, which makes sense, because these conditions are fundamentally a matter of hormone imbalance. When the body is in fight-or-flight mode too long, it becomes a pattern, leading to long-term cortisol imbalance, and ultimately adrenal fatigue.

Most people report feelings of deep relaxation and refuge after a BioMat treatment, especially with a full-body treatment. We have noticed that people exhibit greatly different behavior and speech patterns after a Biomat treatment. They are more calm and their behavior is more relaxed and fluid.

Chronic fatigue and chronic stress are often linked. And after a Biomat treatment, people with chronic fatigue often report less pain, increased energy, and better appetite. It pulls the body out of torpor, or hibernation state.   Dr. David Jernigan has written some fascinating articles on this issue, one of which is called living with rigor mortis.

This study on far infrared therapy, carried out at the Masuda clinic in Japan, also demonstrates these effects:

A new treatment: thermal therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Infrared therapies achieve these results through a “mind-body pathway.”  The idea is to create a conscious experience that sharply breaks with entrenched patterns of thought, mood, and temperament.

To further the effects, it’s good to make other changes to your routine, such as yoga, meditation, walking, or jogging. If you set up a different rhythm, your body and hormones will adapt, and the new rhythm will become totally entrenched in just a few weeks.

Chronic conditions like this can be improved in a matter of weeks. Please contact us to try the BioMat risk-free and you will be amazed at the difference.