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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone use a BioMat?
Yes, the BioMat is safe for anyone on the lower and medium settings. It is also safe for pets. The higher settings are safe for the vast majority of people, but there are some precautions involving heat, since it can be powerful. For example, while pregnant, it is not advised to use the high settings, as this could increase your body temperature. The same applies to anyone who is sensitive to heat, and people who are compromised by chemotherapy or radiation. Please consult your physician before using the mat if you have concerns about heat.

2. Do people sleep on the BioMat?
Yes, many people do this. Most of the benefits are achieved by shorter daytime “burst treatments”. But many people do report that sleeping on the BioMat improves the quality and restfulness of the sleep they get. If you do sleep on the BioMat, it will turn itself down to a low setting automatically after about 75 minutes. Some people find it uncomfortable to sleep on, and the Quantum Energy Pad is an excellent solution to this problem.

3. Can it be used on a bed?
Yes, any of the BioMat model sizes can be used in the bed. The BioMat is even safe to use on a memory foam mattress, due to the heat reflecting layers on the back. But for added precaution, we recommend putting an additional layer of padding, such as a folded quilt, in between the BioMat and the mattress.

4. Can I add extra padding over the BioMat?
Yes. Since far infrared rays penetrate deeply into the body, extra padding will not interfere with the therapy, as long as you try to keep the padding to 1 inch or less. You may want to try increasing the temperature setting a little bit, to compensate. Natural fibers, such as cotton, are best. The Quantum Pad is also a good solution for this, because it allows the infrared light and negative ions to pass freely.

5. Why does the BioMat cost more than other heating pads?
The BioMat is designed for commercial use. To put this differently, engineers were told to make the device what it needs to be, and design choices did not involve the concept of cost. This is similar to other industries. For example, you can buy a consumer grade elliptical machine for under $1000. But if you want the same elliptical machine that you use at the gym, it tends to cost about $8000. The machines are not equivalent. If they were, gyms would just buy consumer-grade equipment.

6. How often and how long should I use the mat?
An effective treatment can be as short as 20 minutes, but you can usually get better results in 40 minutes to an hour. As far as frequency, you can use it every day, up to twice a day, or just every few days. Intermittent use for a specific reason, such as relieving back pain, can also be sufficient for it’s purpose.

7. When will I see results?
For certain purposes, such as pain relief, anxiety relief, and mood improvement, results are almost immediate, once you determine the right settings and durations. Of course, results may vary depending on frequency of use, and the nature of the problem that you are treating. For soft tissue repair, detox, and some other purposes, it can take days or weeks to notice improvement.

8. Can I use the mat for an injury (or post-surgery)?
If there is still swelling from the injury, it is better to use cold to reduce the swelling and prevent further injury. Once the swelling has receded, heat will speed up the rate of tissue repair and infrared therapy is the best way to deliver heat straight to the injury site. It is best to use the mat for 20-30 minutes, once or twice a day, for this purpose.

9. Are there any negative side effects?
All of the effects on the body should be positive, although it is possible to overdo it on the heat. Some people experience slight fevers, headaches, and nausea when beginning to use the BioMat. This isn’t a reaction to the infrared rays or negative ions in any direct way. It is the effects of detoxification, as wastes and toxins enter the bloodstream for removal. These effects are temporary and will vary depending on the level of toxins being released. It is better to take it easy and switch to lower settings for a time if you experience any negative symptoms.

10. Does the BioMat produce EMFs?
An electromagnetic field (EMF) is produced whenever electricity moves through a wire. There is a valid concern that our frequent exposure to these EMFs could have health effects. There is more concern about alternating current, since it creates a rapidly alternating field. The BioMat is designed to address and mitigate these concerns. It converts AC electricity to DC, and also has further measures to lessen the strength of the EMF. We have tested the BioMat with an EMF meter and found the readings either undetectable, or within a range of 0-2 milligauss. For comparison, a cell phone, laptop, or tablet computer generally produces about 500-1000 milligauss.

11. My BioMat isn’t working!
Make sure the tan plug is pushed firmly into the port on the BioMat. For the BioMat Professional, you can reset the control box by toggling the main on/off switch on the side of the control box several times, leaving it in the on position. If these fixes doesn’t work, please call Richway at 808-589-2800 to describe the problem (It is helpful to have your RI# ready). They can easily arrange for a replacement under the warranty program (generally, if there are problems like this, it is only the control box that needs replacement).