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Open Box Items


We frequently have items in stock that are in perfect condition, but which are sold at a lower price for various reasons.  For example, we sometimes receive product returns. These items have been used for a week or two, and sent back to us. In this type of case, we always test and examine the items thoroughly to make sure they function properly, and to make sure they have no signs of previous use.

Aside from product returns, we may also have open box items in stock. These items have been handled and used for pictures and video, but are not previously owned, and have not been used for treatments.

As a third option, we sometimes have overstock items. These are technically unopened and manufacturer sealed, but they need to be liquidated.

All of these special items are guaranteed to be in perfect working order, and perfect condition. They also include their normal accessories, product support, RI#, and documentation.

Importantly, the manufacturer warranty does not transfer to the new owner.  For this reason, we offer these mats at a significantly reduced price.

Sales of special items are not final. You may send the items back for full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.  Additionally, Healing Arts Garden will guarantee the items for 1 year, replacing any items that become defective during that time. After 1 year, repairs can be obtained through the manufacturer, but the customer must pay the full repair fee. Thankfully these repair fees are reasonable. For a BioMat Professional, it is a flat rate of $180, and for a Mini BioMat it is a flat rate of $120.

If you are interested in something like this, or if you would like more details, please give us a call. Or you may use the contact form below, and we will reply promptly with prices and availability:

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