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BioAcoustic Mat Single 78″x40″

USD $2,450.00

The Richway BioAcoustic Mat is a new product that works in combination with Amethyst BioMat to produce an amazing new experience.  When placed underneath the Amethyst BioMat, the BioAcoustic Mat transmits relaxing and mesmerizing vibrational pulses throughout the entire body. 

Through neural entrainment, these pulses support new brainwave patterns associated with rest, comfort, peacefulness, and sleep.  And when combined with the already impressive effects of the BioMat treatment, the result is even deeper levels of relaxation, to transform the mind and body completely.

The BioAcoustic Mat includes 4 preset programs for different purposes: Energize, Relax, Sleep, and Stress Relief.  It also has a line-in so that you can try it with your own sound files.

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