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BioAmethyst Cushion

USD $350.00

This comfortable and portable cushion contains 17 rows of amethyst crystal underneath a soft cotton microfiber cover. It is not electrical, but the crystal rows can be warmed up and activated with body heat, or using any size BioMat.



This versatile cushion is comfortable and allows for passive infrared and negative ion therapy. It contains rows of amethyst
crystal, just like the BioMat. But it does not plug in to the wall or actively heat itself. Nevertheless, the special fabrics and rows of crystals can be activated with heat to emit infrared light and negative ions. To do this, just warm up the BioAmethyst Cushion by laying it on any size BioMat before your treatment. Or simply warm it up with your own body heat. You can also remove the rows of crystals from the microfiber cover and use them as an hot stone wrap on any part of the body.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 2.5 in