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BioMat Professional 7000MX 74”x28”

USD $1,850.00

The Richway BioMat Professional has earned its rightful place in healing practices around the world. Its main function is to bathe the entire body in infrared light, which produces a sensation of wholesome and enveloping warmth that is incredibly relaxing and transformative. Many people are astonished to learn that the source of this light is fifteen pounds of natural amethyst and tourmaline crystal, which are built into the entire surface of the pad. The health benefits of this therapy are direct, and mind-blowing, and almost immediate. Many people are skeptical until they have tried it for themselves. Thankfully, due to its popularity, it's usually easy to find a local therapist or spa that offers BioMat treatments. And we can help you locate a center like this. Or we can ship a BioMat to you on a demonstration basis if that is more practical.  We will move mountains to share this therapy with more people.

All other infrared pads are just Chinese imitations of the BioMat.  We have tested and reviewed many of these competing products, and found that they have problems Richway solved over a decade ago, such as EMFs, off-gassing, improper cord length, and improper plug placement.  They are made in textile factories using cheaper materials, synthetic fabrics, and they do not have rigorous safety and medical certifications.  They also do not include the suite of accessories seen below:

Modern 7000MX BioMats are a 6th generation design that draws on twenty years of in-house research and development. The high temperature settings are similar to the effects of a sauna, except more relaxing because you can lie down, close your eyes, and tune out the whole world. Anyone who has tried this will confirm it's more than just detoxification. It's a profound and rejuvenating whole-body experience. But it's not necessary to use the BioMat like a sauna every time. With the medium and lower temperature settings, you will experience a gentle warmth that relieves pain, improves circulation, and speeds the healing of soft tissue.

Our mission is to share these mats with as many people as possible. If there any conditions we can meet that make it possible for you to experience the BioMat, please let us know.

We recommend the BioMat Professional when the goals of the treatment are whole-body in nature. But for local issues, such as back pain, the Mini BioMat can often be a better choice, because of it's increased portability, and the ability to use it easily on a chair or couch. In a perfect world, everyone would have both.

For detailed information on how it works, please see our BioMat Technology page. And for a case study on it's long-term beneficial effects, please see the BioMat Stress Reduction Study by Dr. George Grant.

The BioMat Pro includes these great accessories:
Hard-Shell Travel Suitcase with Wheels
Fitted Cotton Cover (machine washable)
7000MX Control Box
Documentation and RI#
Richway Warranty & Repair Policy
+ Healing Arts Garden Product Usage Guide
+ Risk-Free Trial Period
+ The 4th Treatment For Medical Refugees (eBook or Hard Copy Upon Request)


Dimensions: 27.5″x 73″x 1″

Weight: 25 lbs (without controller)

Temperature Range: 95F-158F / 35C-70C

Electric Consumption: 180W

Voltage: 120V AC (or 240V AC on request)

Natural Amethyst Crystal: 15.2 lbs  (tumbled into 3mm-5mm pieces)

Shipping Dimensions: 34″ x 21″ x 11″

Shipping Weight: 42 lbs