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Orgone BioMat

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Queen Size Mat Shipping & Handling: USD $130
King Size Mat Shipping & Handling: USD $160

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orgone-2The Richway Orgone BioMat is a new kind of mattress topper designed to heal the body during sleep. It is not the only far infrared mattress pad on the market, but it far surpasses the alternatives.

It shares the very same electronics as the Richway Amethyst BioMat. This is a mature and established platform to produce a healing combination of infrared light and negative ions. Most importantly, it does all this while producing virtually zero EMFs.  (When it comes to EMFs, our experience is that many companies make claims that are not backed up by their products. That’s why we test all our product lines in-house before listing them for sale on our website).

But there’s more to it than the electronics. The Orgone BioMat also uses entirely new kinds of bedding material. The most important material is a natural 3-dimensional mesh. This mesh performs and feels very much like memory foam, but is made from peach seed and grape seed extracts, rather than petroleum. This means it does not off-gas nasty chemicals like memory foam. Also, this natural 3D mesh is lightweight and very permeable to far infrared light, negative ions, and even air.  The improved movement of air actually keeps you cooler while you benefit from warming infrared therapy.  The free movement of air, negative ions, and infrared light also prevents the growth of bacteria.

As an added touch, plenty of research and development went into the microfiber outer covering as well.  This removable, washable covering has natural anti-microbial properties, including nano-silver.  Even the diameter of the individual fibers was researched and eventually chosen because it produces a more difficult terrain for dust mites. The mites tend to get stuck and immobilized by it, so they simply search for other terrain that is more hospitable in their pursuit of food. Dust mites are a prime culprit in sleeping discomfort, and one of the main reasons it feels better to sleep in clean sheets.

For anyone who is torn between the Amethyst BioMat and the Orgone BioMat, but cannot afford both, a good alternative is to get the Amethyst BioMat and the Quantum Energy Pad. When used together, these items produce an overall sleeping experience very similar to the Orgone BioMat.


Queen Dimensions:  59″ x 79″x 2″

King Dimensions:  71″ x 79″ x 2″

Queen Weight: 33 lbs (without controller)

King Weight:  44 lbs (without controller)

Electric Consumption: 360W (Queen and King)

Voltage: 120V AC (or 240V AC on request)

Queen Shipping Dimensions:  62″ x 27″ x 11″

King Shipping Dimensions: 72″ x 27″ x 11″

Queen Shipping Weight: 50 lbs

King Shipping Weight: 60 lbs

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