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Rejuvena Premium

USD $420.00

Shipping & Handling: USD $30



The Richway Rejuvena Premium is designed to lift and tone the skin, smooth away lines, and remove deep wrinkles naturally. It uses several forms of skin therapy, including red light therapy, and negative ion therapy.  But it’s most important function is ultrasonic vibration. It applies 20,000+ vibrations per second to the skin, which triggers many biological effects.  It feels like a gentle buzzing sensation, but when the nervous system senses this rapid agitation, it initiates a healing response. The body deposits collagen, increases circulation to the capillaries, and disposes of metabolic wastes rapidly.  In much the same way that a plant grows back thicker and stronger when exposed to mild stresses such as clipping, the human body is designed to respond vigorously to minor stresses. And this device works on that very principle – the human body is anti-fragile.

The Rejuvena has several settings, some of which can be used daily. Daily use functions include red light therapy, negative ion therapy, and gentle ultrasonic massage, which can improve vitamin C uptake and nutrient uptake generally. But the most important function that stimulates collagen production naturally is to be used about once per week.

The Richway Rejuvena Premium Includes these great accessories:
Charging Port
One Bottle of Ionized Vitamin C Serum
3 Year Warranty
30 Year Repair Policy
Documentation and RI#
+ Risk-Free Trial

U.S. FDA Registered hand held natural face-lift Device: B075559.

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