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There are many stores to choose from when shopping for a Richway BioMat, and each store offers the same products, at the same prices. It can be a bewildering choice! Thankfully, most of the BioMat distributors we have met and worked with are kind people who put their customers first. Of course, each distributor brings their own energy, character, and skills to the marketplace.

Our core philosophy is to be direct, and to give our naked opinion about the pros and cons of our products, which can be surprising and refreshing. We publish the same words that we would use talking to a close friend. This approach has unlocked great connection with our customers, and has been a big part of our success.

We have extensive hands-on experience with all of our products. We also run independent tests to verify Richway’s claims, including thermal tests, EMF tests, and comparison tests with competing products. A major goal for us is to encapsulate and organize this working knowledge onto our website, and onto other online and off-line resources, and make it easily approachable.



This information packet has relevant articles and studies, frequently asked questions, and lots of other information about the BioMat.  We have put this together to serve as a main reference point on the BioMat for our customers.

Upon request, we can also send you a hard copy or electronic copy of The 4th Treatment for Medical Refugees book. The book is a fascinating account of a clinic in Japan that used alternative treatments, including the BioMat, for people who were told that there was nothing more that could be done for them medically. There is discussion of both the protocols that were used and the theory behind them.


They combine so well with a BioMat treatment that we keep them in stock.  Please call us to order, or for more information.

Crystal Journey Relaxation CD:  Listening to music during a BioMat treatment can be very relaxing, regardless of what type of music you enjoy.  If you are interested to hear music that is made entirely with quartz crystal bowls and gongs, and has no rhythm, please request a copy of this CD.  We think it goes very well with a BioMat treatment, and might help you reach deeper levels of relaxation or meditation.

Original Space Brand All-Weather Blanket:  This is the highest quality thermal reflective blanket that we have tested. The mylar side reflects infrared light back into the body, but it also has a durable backing material and high-quality stitching, allowing it to be used hundreds of times without deteriorating from wear. Cheaper mylar blankets are only good for a few uses, as they become crinkled like tin foil. When used over the body during a BioMat treatment, this blanket brings therapy to the next level for body temperature support and detox.