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We have excellent resources and support for those who would like to distribute the BioMat. Our services are only available to distributors in our group. Here are some of the primary advantages of working on our team:

  • A free personalized website. Your website will include lots of helpful information about Richway products, as well as a shopping cart and integrated checkout system. It also has login and back-office tools, which are very useful. You can access training modules, submit new orders, and view your downline. The downline viewer is an important tool that allows you to observe and direct the growth of your business. It is entirely free – there is no monthly cost or start-up cost to have us make this website for you.
  • Free advertising materials. We supply product brochures that are professionally printed, well written, and suitable for presentation to any audience. We can send more brochures whenever you need them, and do not set a limit on how many you can have. They are entirely free!
  • Brand control. You will not find any phone numbers, branding, or copyrights on your brochures or electronic materials. The way we see it, you are building your own business, and there is no reason for these brochures to direct people to someone else’s phone lines or website, even our own. By placing a sticker on the back of your brochures, you can ensure that people know they can contact you to place an order, or just place it on your website.
  • Phone and email support. Our full-time distributor support staff is able to answer questions, manage and place orders, and solve problems. If you bring on new distributors, we can provide the same support for them. We make sure your business grows to its full potential.

If you have questions about distributing, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.