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Winter Promotions

2017 Winter Promotion


Our Best Special Yet!

Order the BioMat Professional and Mini BioMat together and receive a gift certificate for a free Quantum Energy Pad ($370 value)!

This set is ideal because it opens up so many options for BioMat therapy throughout the day and night. The Quantum Energy Pad allows for longer-term use of the BioMat Professional, and can be great for people who prefer a softer surface, or who would like to nap or sleep overnight during their treatments. The Mini BioMat can be used in combination with the BioMat Professional for a “sandwich” treatment, or by itself in a sitting or reclined position for a more casual treatment. This can be perfect for daytime use when it is not practical to lay down for a whole-body BioMat treatment.

Other offers and details of the Bundle Up and Save Promotion are shown on the left. Please contact us if you have any questions about this promotion 🙂